The bag you can get changed in... ANYWHERE

Lightweight, compact and highly versatile.

One size for all!


At 185cm tall there's plenty of room for anyone!

Use it... ANYWHERE
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changeINbag® 2.0

The evolution of our changeINbag®!

ChangeINbag 2.0


The changeINbag® 2.0!

The same great idea but now in a backpack design, more comfortable, more versatile, more storage.

We’ve incorporated feedback from customers and experience which include such features as;

  • Made using recycled materials.
  • Padded panels, so more comfortable to standing on.
  • Back and side pockets, to hold more items such as water bottles, towels, shoes.
  • Lanyards on zipper pulls, for ease of use.
  • Extra waterproof pullout cover, to keep bag clean and more protected from the elements.
  • Changing tent section now equipped with double sided zipper, for use from inside and out.
  • ‘Escape hatch’ at base to push out wet clothes.
  • Popper buttons on arm holes to keep closed when required.

We believe we have taken our useful product and improved it all round… We know you're going to love it!

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changeINbag® towel

Get dry and Stay warm!

ChangeINbag & Towel

The changeINbag® Towel!...

A perfect accompaniment to your changeINbag or an ideal accessory!

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changeINbag® towel

The perfect accompaniment to your changeINbag

Made from Microfiber so is quick drying and packs down very small.

Generous size!

90cm wide and 100cm long.
Limits spreading mess inside the bag.
The perfect size to wear and change under.
Get dry if you got wet and more warmth too!
Makes a perfect partner with the changeInbag.


Snap them together..

Three pop buttons down each side can be opened to allow full freedom of movement when changing, also allows you to join towels together and could make an ideal beach or picnic blanket!

Versatile too...

mesh base

Mesh base

The base of the bag is made from mesh so you can rinse the contents without removing them!

in use

Easy to Use

With the arm and neck holes there's plenty of room for all sizes!

light weight


It's light and super portable, even with your clothes in!

A lightweight yet windproof material that retains body heat on those cold days.

There's two generous arm hole openings in each top corner and a half height zip in the front for easy in/out access.

An opening for your head at top with drawstring cord to close as desired.

The mesh base allows water to drain too!


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